Monday, January 24, 2011

Haiti Bound...2 months and counting

Our team is headed to Mission of Hope in Titanyen, Haiti from March 26-April 2.

Mission of Hope (MOH) is a diversified, gospel-based organization with a school, orphanage, medical clinic, prosthetics lab, church and nutrition program. There will be plenty of areas for our team to keep busy with while we're in Haiti!

We are praying this trip marks the beginning of a wonderful and productive partnership between Forest Hill Ballantyne and Mission of Hope for many years to come.

Here are some encouraging statistics of the aid and ministry MOH has accomplished in the past year:

- MOH employs 180 Haitians

- The Hope Village Orphanage houses approximately 62 orphans

- The School of Hope has 2,200 students from K-12 in attendance

- Mission of Hope Clinic is looking to expand into a more operational hospital, but it currently sees about 150 patients daily

- The Prosthetics Lab serves about 2-3 prosthetics patients a week, providing rehab in addition to forming new limbs to empower disabled Haitians to work

- The government recently provided MOH approximately 50 acres of land on the ocean, north of the current campus. MOH plans to replicate their school, orphanage on hospital on this new property in the future.

- MOH currently feeds 15,000 individuals daily through their nutrition program

- Post-earthquake response: MOH delivered 15 million meals, treated over 25,000 patients, handed out 2,200 tents and provided rescue & medical teams

- Partnership with Haiti One = an organization that unites all relief ministries in Haiti, enabling them to work together and have a consistent flow of communication during disasters

How exciting to become part of such an amazing organization that has already brought extensive change and progress to the people of Haiti! We have so much to learn from them and, hopefully, we can be a blessing to them in the future.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please prayerfully give towards our team cost. Each team member must raise $1,500 for the plane ticket and in country expenses - we would greatly appreciate your support in this area!

Visit our blog again for more news to come about fundraisers and trip preparations. Thanks for your prayers and interest!